Using Branded Plastic Cups to Improve Foot Traffic

In a trade show setting, it is easy for an attendee to get lost in the sea of exhibition booths as well as for your booth to be overlooked by potential customers. Most trade show participants make the mistake of not promoting their event, thinking all they have to do is show up and guests will magically stop by and stay at their booths. Nothing can be further from the truth. To prevent having an empty booth all by yourself, you need to have a marketing strategy in place to connect to prospects and partners alike. Here are four time-tested strategies that you can implement to guarantee booth traffic:

branded plastic cups

Direct mail marketing

It is highly recommended that you do a pre-show marketing weeks and months in advance to beef up your foot traffic. To make sure that there will be people visiting your booth on the day of the tradeshow, let potential customers know ahead of time that you will have a space there.

Direct mail and tradeshows are a winning combination. You can check out your list of contacts for outreach and send them a postcard a week ahead. Include complimentary tickets in the mailer to encourage shore up attendance. The key here is to let potential customers know how your products or services can help them even before the trade show starts.

Social media marketing

Get social and take advantage of the various social media sites before, during, and after the trade show. You can create an events page on Facebook, provide giveaways, or run a contest to generate excitement for your booth. During the event, frequently update and monitor your social media pages using the tradeshow’s official hashtag. You can also create your own hashtag to make it easier for people to find your content.

Take plenty of pictures and provide live stream snippets of your booth. Since you are going to have your hands full during the tradeshow, you can schedule Facebook posts and tweets ahead of time or post user-generated content. Better yet, delegate a person to manage your social media channels during the tradeshow.

Experiential marketing

People are more likely to remember something they have personally experienced for themselves over a dry sales pitch. This is something you can achieve by having an interactive kiosk or a virtual reality booth.

Experiential marketing is not only a great way to showcase your brand’s creative side, it also presents an opportunity for potential customers to experience what you have to offer first-hand.

Incentive marketing

Give people a reason to come by your booth. Something as simple as a quick charging station, a complimentary Wi-Fi, or a free promotional merchandise will surely be a quick hit among the guests. You can offer them a snack or a drink that they can easily grab on their way to a seminar. Take it one step further by labeling the branded plastic cups that you distribute with your logo or business name to boost brand recognition.

Most trade show attendees are not used to spending the day standing and walking around, so make sure to create an open floor plan with your booth and have plenty of comfortable seats. This will encourage visitors to stay a little longer while they drink from the branded plastic cups, allowing you to chat them up and tell them a little more about what you have to offer.

Tradeshows are a powerful platform to meet new customers and retain existing ones. Developing a great tradeshow exhibit is easier said than done, but implementing these four strategies will increase your visibility and improve your presence in the tradeshow event.