Custom Made Plastic Cups Drive Branding at Events

custom made plastic cups

In the modern business world, drawing attention to your brand is trickier than you might hope. There’s so many companies in operation these days and, as a result, standing out is harder than it has ever been before. As a result of this, companies need to think of innovative and intriguing ideas that can help enhance knowledge and recognition of their brand— but without crossing the line into seeming pushy.

There are thousands of strategies that can assist with this, but there’s one in particular that we’re going to focus on today: the use of custom made plastic cups at events.

The benefits of custom made plastic cups for branding

First and foremost, it’s important to note that these cups will be branded with a logo or insignia of your company. You have a wide range of options as to the design that you would like, from bright, loud colours to more simple, understated cup designs that just feature your logo. Whatever you design, you will have a custom made cup that is a perfect promotional tool for your business.

The way it works is very simple. You supply the cups at an event; it can be an event that you throw yourself, a business conference, a trade show… literally any kind of event when people are likely to be drinking, networking, and moving around.

Your cups are then used by the guests at the event you have decided to showcase at— which means that your logo, and your brand, has a constant presence in a room full of people.

The small, movable billboard

If you’re not convinced of the benefits of custom made plastic cups for branding, then think of it like this: would you be happy to see people walking around an event holding up a sign advertising your business? Of course, the answer is “yes”— and plastic cups perform the exact same function. Essentially, these cups become small, movable billboards… but they’re actually even better than that.

The reason they’re better? Simple: plastic cups are actually useful. Billboards and adverts can be ignored, but for people at the event, they’re going to have to look at and engage with the cup that they are drinking from. This means they will immediately be made aware of your business, helping to increase your brand recognition with relatively little effort from you. It’s a quiet, unobtrusive marketing technique— but it’s also incredibly efficient.

The consistent presence

It’s also worth noting that cups are something that people will focus on for a long period of time. Unlike a leaflet or a flyer, a cup is usually held for around 20 minutes, as the person holding it takes repeated sips of their drink. This offers even more opportunities for exposure as your cups remain in situ for long periods of time, meaning more and more people have the chance to see them.

In conclusion

As the above points make clear, custom-made plastic cups are a great choice if you’re looking to increase awareness of your brand in an understated — but nevertheless incredibly effective — way.